Dear Friend,


If you love kids...then we encourage you to get involved with a special program that not only motivates kids to love and appreciate music, but will assist deserving kids in being able to pursue the study of a musical instrument or the development of their voice.


“For the Love of Music” will partner with orphanages, foster homes, schools, churches and mission outreaches to create music opportunities for kids of promise and need.  The program’s goal is to create a music environment that will lead to the forming of choral and band ensembles, group lessons, private lessons, classes for music appreciation and most importantly, a musical instrument lending program for these deserving children.


Music is one of the best therapies for kids that come from broken families, kids with anger issues and kids who have been brought up in dire poverty.  Exciting outcomes and events such as recitals and concerts will energize the kids regardless of their present circum- stances.  Personal achievement will stabilize and give positive direction to each participating child.


You can help by becoming a “FRIEND OF NOTE”...definition:  People who love kids and desire to promote music in their lives as an instrument for positive change.  Friends of Note believe in making music accessible to deserving and promising kids.  They believe that music is one of the most engaging ways for kids to expand their educational and cultural horizons.


There are three ways you can help:


1.  You can donate money to help with the many needs of "For The Love Of Music".


2.  You can donate a musical instrument that will be given to a child.


3.  You can donate something else of value that can be sold to fund this ministry. 


Regards and Blessings,





Herman and Sonnie Harp

Daybreak Ministries, Inc.