Angel  award-winning gospel group, Ponder, Harp & Jennings began creating their refreshing blend of  harmony in 1974.  It was a series of events and  friendships  that  brought these four musicians together as one of America's  favorite gospel groups.  Beginning in 1961, Marvin Ponder and Herman Harp joined their voices in a folk duo...The Discords.  They shared their close harmonies, their love of 'Americana' music and a huge dose of fun with audiences throughout the United States.


  While attending Andrews University in
1974 Marvin  became friends with   two extremely talented instrumentalists, Gene and Marie Jennings.  Marvin saw the possibilities!  The 'two' become 'four'!  The Discords,  with  the  addition of  Gene and Marie, became....Ponder, Harp & Jennings.  With an  invitation to try out their new sound for  a weekend of evangelistic meetings in Dallas, thisblend of gospel song and  harmony was off  and running.


 Throughout their rewarding history Ponder, Harp & Jennings recorded 10 CD projects and produced a two-hour DVD of a live concert at the Loma Linda University Church in 2006.  With a few years off in the late 90's, their reunion concert series in 2006 and their farewell concerts in 2010...this beloved group blessed audiences for over 40 years. 

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