For a long time Herman and Sonnie had  been  wanting to  record a spirituals CD. In 2005  they released their "Spirituals Revisited" album.  This recording has many of the great spirituals you have known and loved through the years. "My Lord What A Mornin' ", "Motherless Child" and "Nobody Knows The Trouble I've Seen" are just a few of the songs you'll find here.  Herman and Sonnie were joined by Sonnie's sister, Beverly Wahlne, and her family to create some of the wonderful choral arrangements.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year and the music is so  enjoyable.   In   2003  Herman   and    Sonnie  recorded  their Christmas  album  which  we  know  you  will  enjoy.  Sonnie wrote  two  songs  for  this  album.   "A Gift Still Waiting" is a song that was inspired by a sermon Sonnie's father wrote when she was about ten years old.  The song is inspiring.  The album ends with the "Hallelujah Chorus" which Herman and Sonnie sang all the parts for.  It was a lot of fun.

"When   The  Jordan  Rolls"  was   recorded   in   2002    and features  a  song  that  was  written as a tribute to those who lost  their  lives  on  9/11/01.  "The  Price  Of   Freedom"  also pays tribute to Jesus Christ who died for our ultimate freedom.  "Ellen's Song" was written to honor Herman's mother and is a story that many can relate to.  "Not Guilty"is a song that has deeply touched people and we know you will be touched by it as well.

Recorded  in  1999  ~ "Do  You Know Him?" is a  mixture  of   serious and fun. "God Understands" deals with the loss of a son in that year and offers courage to others who have had a similar experience.  "Sister Meddler" is a silly song many have enjoyed about a lady who spends her time gossiping and causing problems for others in the church.  It also has wonderful songs like "The Old Rugged Cross" and "The Lord Is My Shepherd."

Sonnie wrote all of the songs ~ with the exception of "Wayfaring Stranger"~ for this 1997 project.  It has been a very popular recording and contains some of Sonnie's best songs.  "Where Would I Be?" is a song that Sonnie wrote for Herman and has been recorded by several other artists.  "The Road" is a song that many can identify with as well as "The Bigger Picture".  We think you will really enjoy this album.

"I Will Uphold You" is a song based on Isaiah 41:10 and also the title of this 1994 recording.  Sonnie wrote the song because her father loved this scripture and often used it in his sermons.  The album contains many favorites such as "How Great Thou Art", "Softly and Tenderly" and "Amazing Grace". "Joy Comes In The Morning" is one of the great Gaither songs that is also included on this album.

"We Praise Your Name" is one of Herman and Sonnie's favorite albums.  Sonnie's brother, Steve Hudgins, is a very gifted arranger and arranged most of the songs for this album.  The songs are moving and powerful.  "You Promised Me" has been Sonnie's most popular song.  It's based on God's promise to save our children and is the first song Sonnie ever wrote.  "By My Spirit" is a powerful song written by Sonnie especially for Herman and "In Majesty He Will Come" has always been a favorite.

"In His Presence", recorded in 1990, was Herman and Sonnie's first  recording  and  was  only  offered in cassette form.  In 2007 it  was  remastered for  CD  so  people  would be  able  to  enjoy  some  of  the  wonderful  music  from the early days  of  their  music ministry.  This  CD  has  some  of  Herman  and  Sonnie's  favorite  songs  of  that  time.  "How Lovely Is Thy Dwelling Place", "Somewhere It's  Snowing", "Face To Face" and "In His Presence" are just a few of he songs on this album.

 "The Price Of Freedom" is a DVD of the song that Sonnie wrote  to  honor those who lost  their  lives  on  9/11/01.  The DVD  has  very  moving  scenes  from  that  event as well as scenes from the crucifixion of Christ who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  Herman and Sonnie are singing the song as you watch the video.  You will be moved as you watch and listen!

"Sonnie's Songs" ~ Volume One ~ was released in 1999 and contains 156 pages of Sonnie's original music.  It is written for voice and piano and also has guitar chords.  Calvin Taylor and Steve Hudgins did some of the arrangements for this book.  The balance were done by Sonnie.  Click image to see the songs contained in this volume.

 "Sonnie's Songs" ~ Volume Two ~ was released in 2005 and contains 143 pages of Sonnie's original music.  It is written for voice and piano and also has guitar chords.  Dann Thornton and Sonnie did the arrangements for this book.  Click image to see the songs contained in this volume.