"Live In Concert" is a two-DVD set that was filmed before a receptive audience in Loma Linda, CA in 2006.  You will see and hear music that covers PHJ's musical journey from 1974 through 2006.  You will be able to travel down memory lane and catch a glimpse of four friends that understood the power of music to touch and change lives for Jesus. 

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This is a two-CD set of PHJ's "Live In Concert" which was recorded from their presentation in Loma Linda, CA in 2006.


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A great measure of energy and inspiration describes this Angel Award winning CD.  Gene Jennings was the executive Producer and Don Marsh was the creative talent behind the great orchestrations of "Newborn Feeling".  This recording represents the culmination of 25 years of defining PHJ's sound and message.  You will be inspired by songs such as "These Are They", "Peace In The Midst Of The Storm", and "When He Was On The Cross".

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After many requests for a collection of PHJ songs that covered their early years, "The Best Of Ponder, Harp & Jennings" was released.  The First series of recordings were manufactured in a variety of formats....the earliest were  long playing records, then  eight track and cassette.  Songs were selected from these early recordings and re-mastered in CD format.  This collection covers the early years of PHJ's recordings.  You will hear the most requested songs that span twenty fulfilling years of PHJ's music ministry.  

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"Unmerited Favor" demonstrated the power and impact of a message....a message that cuts to the heart of the Gospel story.  We received the gift of salvation even though we were undeserving.  Truly the gift was "Unmerited"!  This CD and it's songs became one of the most successful CDs of PHJ's long history.  PHJ was awarded the Angel Award for "Best Group" following the release of this recording.

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It doesn't get any better than this..."Only Jesus" features eleven best of the best Gospel songs.  This CD will provide hours of inspirational listening and has become one of the favorite recordings of PHJ.  On this CD you will be able to enjoy songs such as "Fully Alive", "Tell Me", "You're The Only Jesus", "Go Ask", "Touch Your People Once Again" and many more......


"Anticipating Good Things" will take the listener on a musical journey of inspiration, joy and hope.  Some of the most enjoyable songs in the Christian music repertoire are found on this recording.  The titles speak volumes of the immense treasures found within this release..."The Right Place At The Right Time", "People Need the Lord", "You Don't Need to Understand", "Holy Spirit, Be My Guide", "Bring Back the New Again" and one of the favorites of audiences everywhere..."I've Just Seen Jesus."


"Glory In the Cross" demonstrated that when a group seeks to share a message of a crucified Jesus and shares that message with power and conviction...hearts are touched and transformed.  PHJ often began their gospel concerts with their rendition of "There Is A River".  Other favorites on this recording are "His Kind Of Love", "My Unchanging Friend" and "Jesus Be The Lord of All."


Some of the "old favorites" songs are timeless...songs such as "Jesus I Come" and "Though Your Sins Be as Scarlet".   "Highest Praise" highlights songs that have the feel of 'timeless'!  You will be thrilled with "Leave A Well In the Valley", "And He's Ever Interceding" and "The Highest Praise".  A relatively new song, "Here In My Own Town" shares with the listener that we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our own town and to know that whatever we do to the 'least of these...' we've done it unto Him. 

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"All In The Name of Jesus" was a second recording commissioned by the Christian Record Braille Foundation.  Thousands of records and tapes were sent to the sight-impaired throughout the world.  Songs such as "His Hand In Mine", "Let Me Touch Him" and "Wonderful Peace" were inspirational and brought home to many that life's true meaning was wrapped up in the title song..."All In the Name of Jesus".  Chapel Records obtained the distribution rights to both "All In the Name of Jesus" and "Heaven Has Joys" in 1977 and began marketing PHJ music through their world-wide network.


 In 1977 "Heaven Has Joys" was commissioned by the  

 Christian Record Braille Foundation to bring  enjoyment   and courage to the sight-impaired around  the world.  Thousands of records and tapes were sent  out."What A  Precious Friend", God's Wonderful  People" and  "Heaven Has Joys" are just a few of the  songs on this uplifting album.  These and other  inspiring songs contained in this recording have been a  blessing to many. 


In 1979, Marvin Ponder, the tenor for PHJ, recorded the solo album entitled "Steps".  This collection of songs takes you on a musical journey of the 'steps' in the life of Jesus - beginning in a manger down in Bethlehem, along the sandy shores of Galilee, through the anguish of Gethsemane and Calvary, the triumph of the Resurrection, all the way to the final end of the conflict between good and evil when Jesus is crowned the "King of the Ages".  Gene and Marie Jennings, the pianist and organist for PHJ, provide the arrangements and accompaniment on 6 of the 10 songs and the orchestrations are by Gospel music arranger/producer, Jeff Wood.

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